We will help you fix your car security, efficiency and performance related issues and will also make old car key brand new, we will also help car diagnosing the problems efficiently.




Auto Electrical Specialist

Our automotive electricians are specially trained to work with the electrical systems in automobiles. The Electrical Repair Specialist is called in to diagnose the problems with the electrical system! We have some of the best brand authorized electrical technicians.


Remotes Start Installation

Remote key installation to any brand of cars, Install it and just forget the keys. No more twisting keys to start vehicle you can just start vehicle with push of a button and engine starts by itself. Key FOB you can also control door locks, alarm, trunk and windows with the help of remote keys.


Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle diagnostics is vital in keeping cars running smoothly and efficiently. By identifying and assessing potential problems, mechanics can prevent larger issues from arising. We utilize a variety of techniques and tools, from physical inspections to computer analysis to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive.


Car Key Programming

Some keys require laser cut, little more complex in shape, this key will require more specialized equipment in order to be cut to the proper dimensions. We use mechanically cut key & Smart key for advanced key programing. You can choose any key in our store.


ECU-PCM-TCM Modules Reflash

Corrupt modules results in false diagnostic which results in rough idle, emissions problems, poor fuel economy. Thus module programming and reflash software upgrades are required which in turn upgrade your car's performance in longer run. We will help you diagnose the issue in your car.


Module Coding and Programming

We talk about tuning, either for performance of your car or to get more efficient resource utilization. Module coding can be helpful for people who want to squeeze extra juice out of your car. How? Car manufacturers limit resources at the factory outlet, but we will override the limits.